Everyday we decide how we will live.

Passionately. Intentionally. Wholeheartedly. Daily choices compose the symphony of our futures. Choose wisely.


How to Make Every Breath, Thought and Decision Count

    What is your ocean that God is calling you out to? For me, it was writing. It was believing that my writing was unique and impactful. It was sitting down to write every day. It was investing the time to pursue a career as a writer.   It was creating my own definition of who I am and… Read more →


Fun or Fear: Which Is Driving You?

When I was growing up as a youth, fun was not hard to come by. We created fun, even on a rainy, drab day. We would create a hopscotch game with some sidewalk chalk and a few pebbles. My sister and I created a game called “Tina and Tingle” I was Tingle, and she was Tina. We would pretend that… Read more →


How to Win an Argument with Your Spouse

After the first few years of marriage, many couples find that the trivial issues that used to bother them, don’t really matter as much anymore.   My husband and I used to argue about the dog, the cat, the children, the house – you name it! At some point, you have to learn how to pick your battles and keep… Read more →