I’ve been writing since I was a child, but finding the mission for my gift, changed everything.

From the age of 12 years old, I’ve been writing short stories, poetry, skits and plays for fun, to express my ideas of love and hope. Growing up in the Pentecostal church influenced my views on what life should be like – not only for me, but for everyone, the broken, the addicted, the poor, the kind and the unkind.


As I stepped into my career, my writing transformed into messaging that impacted how people thought, felt and behaved.  In roles such as a Production Assistant, Marketing Manager, Website Content Manager and Event Manager, I learned to be multi-faceted, managing big-picture visions fragmented into step-by-step plans, creating promotional strategies and then implementing them into television scripts, radio promotions, magazine or website content, blog posts, news articles and even co-writing books.

In the time I spent growing my family, I reflected upon who I was as a woman, separate from anyone else, asking the Creator for my life’s mission. I was adopted as an infant, so this question pointed me back to my roots.

The more entrepreneurial I became, the more I desired to not just serve, but to lead. I wanted to use my writing abilities to make an impact on the underprivileged community where I was born, Barry Farm.

The Above life movement

Above Life

My career

Nora Jacques Career

Married in 2008, to Arold Jacques, an entrepreneur and founder of Jax Media Design Group, I craved more flexibility and autonomy as our young family grew.Jacques Family So I left my 9 to 5 to take on a supporting role as Co-Founder and Brand Strategist. As I climbed the proverbial freelance ladder, advancing as a Freelance Writer and Creative Strategist, I led teams of writers and project managers to develop high-end copy and content strategy across the business and marketing industry.

In 2014, I accepted the role as an Internal Communications Specialist with an IT Operations Consulting Firm, refining my interviewing and information-gathering skills, rebranding the entire organizational culture from the inside out.

Recently, I was inspired to pursue my lifelong dream of writing a book about my adoption and how a shift in culture helped me overcome the generational cycles of addiction, trauma, abuse and poverty. I plan to use the book to start the Above Life movement.

norajacques.com profile 8-8-16I now serve as an independent journalist, communications strategist and advocate for the empowerment of ordinary people who struggle with poverty, abuse and trauma. I have co-written several books, however, my first published book, Soul Cry, a story about my birth, adoption and life choices, will soon be released in Fall 2016. Connect with me on Twitter, LinkedIn or Instagram for the latest!