live above what you see.

legacy. purpose. joy. belief.


We all have the same story.


In some aspect, shape, form or another – our stories are the same. And given the same exact circumstances, background and resources – it is likely that we all would respond the same way. But that’s the beauty of life, we are all different. Nothing is the same.


Those differences of location, culture, experiences and backgrounds are the breeding ground for both discrimination and friendship, prejudice and collaboration, hatred, joy, both fear and love.


It is interesting how we judge and compare ourselves to another version of ourselves. Because in the most fundamental sense, that’s who we all are. The human race is a collection of minuscule nuances of the same creature.

If we come to the realization of our similarities, rather than pushing one another away because of our differences, we would be happier, more empathetic, less lonely beings.



Life’s Current

Just like the waving and drifting of the river, there is a current in life. The current is the environment that directs the outcomes of your life. It is composed of your experiences, thoughts, patterns, behaviors the people around you, the city you live in, the books you’ve read, the TV shows you watch and everything that surrounds your mind,… Read more →

The Cycles of Life

Life occurs in cycles. The river flows into the sea. The ocean seeps into the lakes. The rain falls into the ground and returns back to the sky. The economy goes up, the economy goes down. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday – repeat. Life happens in cycles. There is nothing new under the sun. The scenery looks familiar.… Read more →



As my family is preparing to transition into a new home, we are seeing all the hard work it takes to prepare.


I believe this is true anytime someone wants to move forward in life. For every blessing, there is hard work to maintain it.


Many times, when we think of blessings, we think of all the good. We think of the benefits and the happiness that comes with our desires being fulfilled.


As we face new opportunities in life, whether personal or professional, we leap at the open doors – yet, when we get there – there’s an unexpected hurdle. And here you are, unprepared to jump.


Yes, we may understand the responsibility physically and logistically – but do we fully grasp the emotional and mental challenges that are to come with our next level blessing?


We all dream of having a great name, of being a hero, a thought leader. Yet, there is a struggle, a press, a climb that you must push through to get to the top of the mountain.


After all, if it were easy, everyone would do it.


Nonetheless, we have to endure the burn, the sweat, the exhaustion and envision the end goal.


Why do you think Martin Luther King, Jr. held on to his dream, even when his family’s lives were threatened, even when crosses were burned on his lawn? He saw beyond the hatred of others, he pushed past the abuse, criticism and humiliation. He saw a place of peace and unity.


Your purpose and your goals are too important for you to give up. Perseverance, persistence, tenacity, commitment, faithfulness, endurance – are elements you will need when you arrive at your next level.



We all pray that our lives will mean something.   We wander, barge, meander through life, hoping to hear a frequency that will resonate with the tune of our soul, seeking a place to call our own.   And through every relationship, every experience and every lesson, we evolve.   Life can be brutal.   But love heals. It refines… Read more →